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Therapy Services

Introduction to Counseling

Also called psychotherapy or counseling, therapy is the process of meeting with a professional to reflect, process, discuss, and resolve challenges you might have in your life.

These challenges could include sadness or anxiety, problematic behaviors, pervasive unpleasant feelings, relationship issues, and any other life difficulties you would want to discuss with a therapist. 

At Lighthouse Counseling, we use various techniques and strategies to help you navigate life’s difficulties and create a path forward. Therapy can provide direction, coping skills, a positive outlet, and awareness of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Types of Therapy

Individual Therapy

Lighthouse Counseling of Rockford believes everyone is capable of growth, development, love, and belonging, and we offer individual counseling tailored to your personal goals and needs. We also believe that the therapeutic relationship is a significant part of the healing process.

Through that counseling relationship, we can manage issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, life changes, and other stressors. We strive to help you feel safe, seen, understood, and heard.

Couples / Relationship Therapy

We are fundamentally wired to have meaningful relationships with others. However, when our most important relationships feel strained, it affects multiple elements of our lives.

Couples therapy is a fantastic way to build authentic emotional connections and establish healthy communication in relationships. Whether you are seeking couples therapy to strengthen a new relationship proactively or to mend one that’s hurting, you’ve come to the right place – and no matter how fractured your relationship may seem, there is always hope.

We utilize effective, evidence-based practices like Emotionally Focused Therapy and principles from the Gottman Institute to help couples explore causes of disconnection in a safe, non-judgmental space and find their way to deep connection and satisfaction.

Family Therapy

The family system is one of the most significant, complex elements of a person’s life. Close family dynamics can provide support and guidance for some while serving as a point of stress and conflict for others.

Lighthouse Counseling recognizes the complexities of the family system and will work with you to improve familial communication, resolve disputes, and set healthy boundaries. We treat the whole family system collaboratively, not just focusing on “one” family member.