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Counseling & Therapy Services

Individuals seeking therapy or psychological testing often find themselves in a place of darkness and may feel lost, afraid, or hopeless. A lighthouse is a powerful representation of our purpose at Lighthouse Counseling – to be a guiding light through life’s stormy waters, providing a sense of hope, direction, and connectedness.

You’re no longer alone in your journey.

We aim to address thoughts and behaviors no longer serving you, discover your strengths, and set your goals and dreams in motion. We don’t promise answers or that everything will be okay, but we can promise that you’re no longer alone in your journey and have a safe place to land.

We embrace a unique team-oriented approach, providing in-house psychological testing and therapy services. Offering both therapy and testing allows us to ensure that diagnoses are accurate and treatment is appropriately targeted.

At Lighthouse Counseling, you’re not just working with a single therapist but with a group of professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive care.

Find Out How We Can Help

We can help manage issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, life changes, relationship issues, family conflict, and other stressors. We strive to help you feel safe, seen, understood, and heard.

Our practice is an inclusive, non-judgmental space offering support and guidance. Contact us to learn more and schedule your initial consultation.